Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One

Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One

Nothing lasts forever. Even if we share a lot of moments with our families, the time will come that we will part ways with them, whether we like it or not. Most of the time, when we lose a loved one, acceptance is difficult and some people even take time before accepting the painful truth.

Keeping Visual Memories Alive

Keeping Visual Memories Alive

Photographs are the only visible things where we can see the past. It is in them that we see ourselves when we were still in diapers, when we went to school for the first time, all the way to our graduation day and wedding day. In order to preserve those wonderful memories, proper organization of […]

Working Energy: How to Gain Balance

Working Energy: How to Gain Balance

In order to earn, we must all work hard in any job we are hired to. But life inside the work place is not easy. We all have to face many challenges that may prevent us from working properly and productively. There are various steps on how to give yourself that working energy to finish […]

Codes that Give Value to Life

Codes that Give Value to Life

Many of us live following a certain code. Influential quotes have been around for many years, and although anyone can make one, only those said by the most influential people are being followed. Some of the most popular life quotes from the most popular people are being said time and time again because of their deep and inspirational meaning.

Bruce Lee Quotes

“The Little Dragon” was a superstar in his time. He was the most popular martial artist primarily because he used it in all of his movies. But apart from being an actor and a martial artist, Bruce Lee was also a philosopher, he had said many quotes, and one of the most popular was: “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can flow, or it can crash, be water my friend.” In this quote, he meant that whatever the situation calls for, we must always adapt to it in order to get through it. Whether we are in the martial arts, in sports, in the office or just at home, there will be situations where we have to adapt to in order to get through them. Being like water is being able to go where the opening is, no matter how small it is. We will get past anything if we go with it.

Mr. Miyagi Quotes

Although most movies are based on fiction, the lessons we can learn from them are real. Mr. Miyagi (portrayed by the late Pat Morita) from the Karate Kid movies once said “Fighting is not good, but if you must fight, win.” This means that we should always avoid any negativity, and whenever we cannot avoid it, we should defeat it and get through it. You can hear doctors say “Prevention is better than cure.” This is true, but when illnesses are already in our body, we have no choice but to fight them in order to survive.

Spider-Man Quotes

Besides being the friendly neighborhood superhero, Spider-Man also became famous for the quote “With great power comes great responsibility.” With all the privileges given to us, we should not forget to use those privileges properly, without selfish thoughts. We are all responsible towards one another. If one is elected to lead, he has all the power, but he is also responsible for taking care of the people. “No man is an island” and no one can live forever alone.

Every day we encounter different codes we can relate to, but more than relating to them, we must apply them in order to have a better life.


Ways to Live a Healthy and Happy Life

Ways to Live a Healthy and Happy Life

Life shouldn’t just be about busy schedules and ways to get rich. There are times when we should enjoy it to the fullest. We have to live a healthy life physically and spiritually.

The Way of the Healthy

Before you do your exercise routines coupled with buffet tables full of healthy foods and bottles of health supplements, you should ask yourself first if you are mentally prepared to change not only your body, but your inner self. Prior to your fitness diet and exercise, think positive first and be thankful for all you have. Studies show that having a positive attitude helps build a better and stronger immune system. Also, as they say, your body obeys your mind. If you think positive, then your body will follow suit.

Eat Grass

We don’t literally mean “grass,” but veggies. Raw, stir-fried, or steamed vegetables are best to be consumed every day. If your diet is composed of vegetables, you have reduced the risk of cancers of many types. Remember to consume veggies with the boldest colors; usually they are the most nutritious ones.

Exercise is the Key

Daily exercise will not just improve your body; it also improves confidence. Also, exercise reduces the occurrences of many signs of aging. It improves eyesight, stabilizes blood pressure, tones muscles, lowers the level of cholesterol and improves the density of the bones. Simply put, if you desire a long and healthy life, exercise! Even 10 minutes of simple exercises is a lot better than doing nothing for a day. You can set up loud music and dance, ride your bicycle at the park, or just stroll through the mall with your friends or family.

Never Put Anything Bad in Your Lungs

Smoking is one of the leading contributors to lung cancer and should be avoided at all costs. There are millions of cancer-provoking chemicals inside cigarettes that can leave your lungs battered, bruised, and downright tar-infested.

While millions of people throughout the world have cut down on this habit, many more have shifted their focus on healthier vaporizer options instead. Instead of inhaling carcinogens into the body, handheld vaporizer pens are being substituted to assist in eventually using less tobacco and completely going smoke-free.

Rest, Rest, and More Rest

After a long stressful day, what our body needs is a full dose of rest. You have to get full hours of sleep to regain all the energy you lost. If you are having trouble going to sleep, try meditating and relax your whole body. You can eat a small amount of food as a midnight snack if you prefer. Turn off the lights and close your eyes. Empty your mind and save all worries for tomorrow.

Treat Yourself

You shouldn’t be strict with your diet and exercise. You should spend a day or two every two weeks eating and doing whatever you want. You won’t lose those pounds if you focus too much on them; you have to rest your body. Reward yourself with 4 slices of pizza or 3 burgers. You shouldn’t deprive yourself of life’s pleasures too much.

Life is all about fun. Even if you pressure yourself in working for your food, it shouldn’t hinder you from living a happy and healthy life.